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Intro (0:00 - 0:21)
Mapleshade walking through the Dark Forest. Her head is down and she looks drepressed.

Part 1 (0:22 - 0:31)
Show Ivypaw trying to escape from the Dark Forest, she is scared and her body has deep wounds. Mapleshade watches her with a neutral expression.

Part 2 (0:31 - 0:48)
Mapleshade approaches and fix her gaze on Ivypaw's, looking angry. She claws Ivypaw's face, then walk away and leaves the apprentice alone in the dark.

Part 3 (0:49 - 1:02)
Mapleshade closes her eyes.
Flashback Appledusk and Mapleshade meeting at Sunningrocks.

Part 4 (1:03 - 1:10)
Mapleshade looking at Petalkit, Larchkit and Patchkit proudly. She turns her face and notice Ravenwing is watching her kits with a doubtful expression.

Part 5 (1:11 - 1:18)
Ravenwing murmurs something to Oakstar, both cats look shocked.

Part 6 (1:19 - 1:29)
Oakstar Lipsync to Mapleshade "You Liar!"
She is exiled from ThunderClan along with her three kittens.

Part 7 (1:30 - 1:37)
She stares at the turbulent River and then turn to her kits and smile confidently.

Part 8 (1:38 - 1:45)
Mapleshade's kits drowning and she screams in terror.

Part 9 (1:46 - 1:51)
Mapleshade crying and Appledusk yelling furiously at her.
Background: RiverClan Camp

Part 10 (1:52 - 2:00)
After being rejected by Appledusk, Mapleshade look at the Silverpelt with hatred in her eyes. The evil stars growing inside her.

Part 11 (2:01 - 2:15)
Mapleshade following Ravenwing untill the Moonstone. Then she kills him, and his blood splash at the Moonstone.

Part 12 (2:16 - 2:28)
Mapleshade attracting Frecklewish to  Snakerocks. Frecklewish looks angry when she sees Mapleshade, but a second later the adder bites her shoulder.

Part 13 (2:29 - 2:36)
Frecklewish falls on the ground and agonizes. Mapleshade smiles with wickedness at Frecklewish, then vanish into the Florest.

Part 14 (2:37 - 2:49)
She cross the River and crawls through the vegetation, heading to RiverClan's territory.

Part 15 (2:50 - 2:58)
From a branch, she watches with anger Appledusk sharing tongues with Reedshine.

Part 16 (2:59 - 3:05)
Mapleshade fights with Perchpaw.
She immobilizes him.

Part 17 (3:06 - 3:12)
Appledusk put himself in front of Reedshine, to protect her, but Mapleshade blows his chest and he falls on the ground, dead.

Part 18 (3:13 - 3:27)
Perchpaw attacks Mapleshade, and she gets a deep wound in her neck. Reedshine and Perchpaw narrow their eyes at her, and Mapleshade run away.

Part 19 (3:28 - 3:34)
She lay down on a pile of hay, blood spilling from her wound. Myler looks at her sadly.

Part 20 (3:35 - 3:45)
Mapleshade closes her eyes slowly, and when she open them again she's in the Dark Forest, surrounded by blood (I know she woke up in the mud, but I think that blood Sounds more cool). She smiles with triumph and rise to her paws with excitement.

Part 21 (3:46 - 3:54)
Crookedkit and Oakkit playing, Mapleshade watches them from the shadows.

Part 22 (3:55 - 4:02)
Crookedkit makes the promise to Mapleshade, and she smiles at him.

Part 23 (4:03 - 4:09)
Shows the death of Rainflower, Hailstar, Shellheart, Willowbreeze and Silverstream. This part doesn't have to be animated, it can only be a drawing of each death.

Part 24 (4:10 - 4:29)
Mapleshade arguing with Crookedstar. He turns away and goes to StarClan, while Mapleshade laughs and narrow her eyes to him. Later she also turns and return to the shadows of the Dark Forest.


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